Energy has become a major topic over the last few years and has become part of the daily agenda in national and international politics, with regulations getting stricter every year. One clear evolution is the trend towards energy- and CO2-neutral buildings, whereby buildings have to be able to produce and supply their own energy demand. For this reason, innovative solutions will need to be installed in response to these new developments. 

One of the most obvious solutions is to make use of the largest free energy-resource there is, i.e. the sun. Every square meter of the sun emits around 60 MW, which means that a fifth of a square kilometer radiates as much energy as the global primary energy demand on earth.  

By using this free energy-resource for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems we will be able to achieve the energy goals and government regulations that will be set in the future.

As an answer to the search for the perfect solution to this problem the Solarproof® system was developed by two Belgian partners Thiers-Horizon NV and Thermoduct NV. Thiers-Horizon has decades of experience and in-house knowledge regarding insulation and fireproof materials. Thermoduct has been a leader in heating and cooling systems for over 45 years. Together they developed the Solarproof® system in 2008. 

The Solarproof® system combines an optimal roof insulation of your building, which results in a higher energy use efficiency, with a newly developed integrated sun collector. The integrated sun collector is a horizontal heat exchanger that allows you to transfer the solar radiation heat from your roof to the place you want to use it. This results in a clean free energy source and a lowering of your cooling and heating demands. The Solarproof® system can be used in combination with photovoltaic systems. By installing the photovoltaic cells onto the Solarproof® system, the temperature of your photovoltaic system will be lowered which will result in a higher efficiency and yield.  


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